Congratulations!  You've purchased a one way ticket to........

.............the most transformational part of your life.  Yah, it feels like hell.  It's F@!!ing Crap. Laugh or cry allyou want, but, these are the best days you or a loved one will ever experience.  A burnout is a wake up call to live fully.  Something with in you knows what you are doing does not work.  It's just not you.  Now or never, you are here to change.  You want support.  You want a plan.  You want success!

This is your space......

KaterCoaching provides more and a coaching program.  We hold the space while you reignite your pilot light. 

We help you Burn In vs. burn out so you can Burn On in your life.


Kater coaching provides a holistic approach to making your burnout a short term, life changing, experience, with a clear vision on how to succeed.  We support you online and in real life.  You and others will connect, create valuable relationships and grow in ways you only imagined. 



Failure is the universe’s way of sending me in a more fulfilling direction.-Kate van Asselt


About Kate(R)

Kate van Asselt is a sales, marketing and spirituality coach.  She mixes her years working with entrepreneurs and multi-national corporations with her authentic spunky, fun, and spiritual touch.  She believes we need to work and think differently to create a new movement of prosperity that is aligned with getting results.  Do you fit in her Kater Crew? Please click here to find out!

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What We Do

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